2018 was a year of new beginnings. I wrote my 3rd book and started a new teaching organization. It wasn’t without its challenges, but I loved it. We were really stretched as a family like never before.

I thought 2019 would be similar. Everything changed on January 1st. God began to break my heart for West Africa. Specifically for Liberia. What has ensued is a whole new adventure! At 48, God is calling me to a whole new level of ministry to the people and the church of West Africa. We want to work with churches on the ground to raise up and train local leaders to reach the people. Liberia is the first nation that God has opened the door to, and we are walking through it.

Joe Amaral—Founder
Simple Solution Charity

About Liberia

Liberia is the 4th poorest country in the world. Less than 12% of the population has access to electricity. Even then, they are prone to blackouts due to power load overloads.

Our heart is to bless the people with their daily needs. Food, clothing and hygiene products are the number one priority. To do this, I need your help. I’m not asking you to help fund my ministry or livelihood. God has been so faithful in doing that through several other avenues.

But today, I’m asking for extreme generosity to bless the people of Liberia. My son and I fly out to Monrovia on April 25th, which was made possible by special financial gifts of so many social media friends and followers. We didn’t have the means to receive donations because we were not a registered charity, but as of February 15, 2019, I am super excited to announce that we registered the “Simple Solution Charity” and can now begin to receive donations.

To that end, there are several and immediate needs that we want to assist the church in Liberia with. Please visit our PROJECTS page to learn more.